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what's for breakfast?


Posted 3:48 pm, 12/26/2022

When I first started drinking coffee, I used Nescafe Clasico. Then I moved on to fresh ground.

I recently tried Nescafe Clasico again, and have no idea how I used to drink that!!

My grinder can grind enough for 1 cup, no problem. And the flavor is stronger, so I end up using less than I did when I drank instant. Which means that, long term, it's cheaper for higher quality.


Posted 3:46 pm, 12/26/2022

Also, you should try some beans from our local roaster, anchor coffee.


Posted 3:45 pm, 12/26/2022

I'm a big fan of the aeropress JC, but French press is good if you're making more than one cup at a time. People also really like the v60, which is super cheap, or the chemex.


Posted 3:33 pm, 12/26/2022

INSTANT COFFEE!!!!!! Goddes c'mon! There IS a line that must not be crossed!


Posted 2:01 pm, 12/26/2022

ah...well JC...making coffee for one here, I use Tasters Choice Instant !!! LOL!!!

does it help that I make my own caramel macchiato creamer!!!!


Posted 1:49 pm, 12/26/2022

What kind of coffee?

I'm becoming a little bit of a coffee snob I buy Caffe Verona beans (dark roast), then grind it every morning to drip a pot. I'm thinking about getting a French press, though.


Posted 1:14 pm, 12/26/2022

coffee and a bowl of honey nut cheerios!!!


Posted 1:09 pm, 12/26/2022

For Christmas I made French Toast. I have a secret ingredient that makes it pop, but it's like 1000 calories so I don't do it often.

Then today was another favorite, Eggs Benedict

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 11:05 am, 12/18/2021

I thought about you 1goddess! They be one cat head and a slice of ham left in the warming closet if you are still hungry!


Posted 10:58 am, 12/18/2021

excuse me, excuse me....why didn't you call me ODD???

You know I be liking those catheads


Posted 10:51 am, 12/18/2021

Be there in 15

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 10:35 am, 12/18/2021

It was a cat head, ham, jam and sourwood honey eat for me!


Posted 12:36 pm, 04/11/2021

A cheese, onion and ham omelet


Posted 9:27 am, 04/12/2020

I had a boiled Easter egg for breakfast with toast, strawberry jam and coffee.


Posted 2:50 pm, 04/11/2020

LOL! I love a good, filling breakfast! Sometimes, just forget the lunch, but I have to have my meat and potatoes for dinner. (When I was growing up in the country, it was called breakfast, dinner and supper. I adjusted over the years, so it is lunch and dinner now.)

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 11:40 am, 04/11/2020

Copy Cat! Scrambled eggs,grits, bacon, toast and coffee


Posted 10:48 am, 04/11/2020

Grits, scrambled eggs, toast and coffee


Posted 12:07 pm, 04/09/2020

Donut and coffee


Posted 10:39 am, 04/08/2020

Oatmeal and coffee


Posted 10:34 am, 04/06/2020

Sausage, grits, eggs, toast and coffee

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