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Gov. Cooper, masks are now required in all public areas


Posted 10:09 pm, 07/04/2020

Patriot- yes. WE will make sure this is an area were the enemies of freedom are not successful.

All things will become very local soon.


Posted 9:21 pm, 07/04/2020


Posted 9:19 pm, 07/04/2020


Posted 8:34 pm, 07/04/2020

Alright, where's Jason at? Can we get some mods in here?


Posted 8:30 pm, 07/04/2020

I'm glad we live where we do. I'm convinced we can repel any communist aggression. They can run their impotent mouths all they want. When we get to it, they'll be gone.


Posted 8:14 pm, 07/04/2020

Patriot, Mr Hankey is an outsider. It shows don't it.


Posted 8:14 pm, 07/04/2020

Such is the state of our country. The collapse will be local.


Posted 8:08 pm, 07/04/2020

Mr Hankey is a real piece of work ain't he.


Posted 8:05 pm, 07/04/2020

God **** y'all, this got real crazy real fast! Please don't tell each other to kill themselves. Everybody is fighting their own battle.


Posted 7:54 pm, 07/04/2020

Duck Dynasty put out some fab camo gear. Viva La Revolution!!!


Posted 7:42 pm, 07/04/2020

When I hear someone talking about getting shot at I start think "I wonder at what storage depot he did his hitch?"


Posted 7:31 pm, 07/04/2020

There is nothing relevant but the duty to be done


Posted 7:22 pm, 07/04/2020

Patriot, you're not the only veteran, but the real ones did their duty and left it at that. Whining about your service real or imagined doesn't impress anyone.


Posted 7:17 pm, 07/04/2020

This is exactly why there will be another war on American soil. I tried to make peace but you wouldn't let it go. Just like the politicians and leftist s you see on tv. I almost cannot wait til it starts as the real virus needs to be eradicated. I'm sure you'll be out there henry, laugh out freggin loud. I didn't get shot at for my country to have s destroy it and I won't. Y'all are gonna get what you deserve. Soldiers that actually have a reason.


Posted 6:53 pm, 07/04/2020

My first impression of you was correct. You better hope you never meet me. The devil will get you as there is no forgiveness in your heart.


Posted 6:28 pm, 07/04/2020

Beautiful sentiment Patriot

Note from GoNC: a portion of this post was removed for criminal activity.


Posted 5:47 pm, 07/04/2020

Happy independence day all. Let us not forget the men that gave their lives so we could live like we do. We owe it to our children to give our lives if need be to keep it.


Posted 10:05 am, 07/04/2020

Joseph T.

Posted 9:16 am, 07/04/2020

I haven't fact check this yet but it got my attention that requiring mask may be against federal law.


Posted 8:52 am, 07/04/2020

Oh the caring!!!!!!

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